Hear what other artists are saying about Anna Alicea's tutorials...

"I just took this class and I'm so excited to get started! Well worth every penny!  Anna, you are so talented and smart!  You taught me things I would have never been able to figure out on my own.  Thank you for being so generous as to share your knowledge and talent with us.  If anyone else is contemplating taking this tutorial, I hope this helps.  Very easy to understand and follow".  


"I really hope you make more tutorials.  Your work is just so beautiful and your explanation is amazing.  I also took some beginners courses from Diankapours.   She is also an amazing artist just like you.  You both take time to actually write back in a personable manner.   You will continue to be successful because you take time to respond and give such positive and meaningful advice.  So thank you very much".


"I just want to tell you, you are amazing!  I'm so glad I took your class. I have been doing resin for the past 5 months but I have learned so much. I bought the class at 11pm and I couldn't sleep until I finished it.  I even fell asleep with excitement."


"You out did yourself with this tutorial....like I was moved to tears with the end result.  So much love in this offering because this result is just magnificent!!  This process sent my mind down a path of possibilities I hadn't even dreamt of before."

Malaika PhXAli

"Thanks to Anna Alicea I've been able to achieve the look I've been going for.  I highly recommend taking her courses .  She is absolutely amazing and always willing to help."

Asil Aljamal

"I'm glad I took this course.  It fulfilled all my expectations.  Thank you for sharing and helping others."

Silvia Guzman

"Loved, loved, loved the class!!! Thank you for sharing your technique!  You have been so kind.  I can't wait to make beautiful trays."


"Amazing tutorial!!  I was using the main technique before but it was so useful and interesting to see your way of application.  I learned new things. "

Olga -art4start 

"Girl, you are simply amazing!  Loved the tutorial, it turned out amazing."

Beata Gorzkowski

"Absolutely loved it!!! I ordered some of that gold leaf.  Thanks for sharing, absolutely wonderful video."

Bri S. 

"Anna is a wonderful teacher!  She explains everything so clearly and thoroughly.  I am still trying to perfect these druzies but they're making a great addition to my geode resin.  She's also great at answering your questions and giving feedback.  I have found her to be very supportive and helpful and highly recommend any of her classes!"

Cheryl N.

Now hear from Anna's Buyers.....

Rubia Cunha - 

"Been looking for the perfect art piece for my formal LR, finally found Anna Alicea on IG and became obsessed with her pieces.  When I found this piece on her IG I knew I had to have it.  I am obsessed with it.  It is perfection!  Her work is amazing. She is extremely talented. I will enjoy it for years to come."

Starlitha Kelley - 

"I freaking love this!!!  This may be the single best thing I've ever purchased off Etsy.  Looks exactly like the picture, bigger than I thought it would be which is awesome!  This is the vanity tray to top all vanity trays and was totally worth the purchase!  Shipping was lighting fast.  Its's flawless!  Exactly what I was looking for."

Michele Tomei - 

"I have been following Anna Alicea's art journey for quite a few years.  I own quite a few of her pieces.   But this review is for a Pyrite and Concrete piece she made for me.  I was fortunate enough to get on her commission list.  We consulted a few times.  Showed her the wall I wanted to display this piece on and she went to work.   She designed the perfect piece.  I am in love!!!  This piece is displayed in my dining room.  It is the perfect balance of sparkle and matte finishing.  Some who have seen it thought for sure it was an authentic slice from the earth."

Danielle Weisse - 

"Perfection!   I'm absolutely in love with Emilia.  We hung Emilia above our fireplace.  It is so beautiful and full of sparkles.   Thank you for shipping in a timely fashion."

Mindy C. - 

"Arrived yesterday and it is even more beautiful in person!  You are very talented and I will enjoy if for years.  Packaged with such care with a personal card attached.  Highly recommend!!!